About us

Growing up just a stone’s throw from Carrington Falls in Robertson, on the family farm “Carrington Glen”, Robert lived the childhood dream. If he wasn’t on the farm helping his father Jeff grow crops for the cows or hand raising orphan lambs, he was fishing in the dam or riding his pushbike through the bush with his siblings to cool off in Nellie’s Glen. As the years went by, Robert’s interest in Agriculture continued to grow, which saw him study and board at an Agricultural High School in the Riverina, Southern NSW. His passion for quality beef became apparent when he won several prestigious competitions for beef cattle judging including Canberra and Sydney Royal Shows.

Jessica was a 5th generation dairy farmer, her family settling in East Kangaloon in the early 1800s and milking Holstein- Friesians, in buildings which still stand and function on the family farm today. A childhood of horse riding and calf rearing cemented her keen interest and passion for the industry. After completing a Bachelor of Agricultural Science in Wagga Wagga, she focused on reproduction and herd health on one of the largest commercial wagyu company’s in Australia in Central West NSW. Her rapport with the animals, attention to detail and passion for producing a quality product, quickly saw her claim the title of Livestock Manager.

When we returned to the Highlands, we recognised the limited access Southern Highlands families had to farm fresh, locally raised beef. The concept of “farm to fork”, came from our family and friends within the local Southern Highlands community. We continued to hear the  importance of sourcing affordable, quality, fresh, pasture-raised beef for families. Carrington Meats now offers a hormone free, pasture raised, locally produced and affordable product, that contains both Quality and Quantity.